Different types of Photo Editing Services

Companies many times focus on certain aspects of business. Their energies are centered on goods, products, and or services implementing the right and necessary technologies is one area where many business fail. A company’s brand recognition with its target market can be negatively affected if it’s online or offline media and marketing materials come across poorly prepared and unprofessional Visuals have the strongest impact but can be the most challenging.

TekWhale is the global Photo Editing Service provider to clients, especially Photographers. While we provide a range of services, from Web Design to Online Marketing, they excel at Photo Editing. Not only they accomplish this by providing a comprehensive array of Photo Editing Services, but we do it in a manner that is all too frequently neglected by businesses: With a focus on people. We take pride in our team, take pride in serving the client.

Clipping Path Service:

This is a service in which items are simply removed from their original backgrounds and placed in a new background of the client’s choosing or cutout the image keeping with white background.

While clipping path with Photoshop is a basic service for photo editing, it is widely utilized for advertisements and the like.read more..

Background Removal:

With similar characteristics to the Clipping Path Service, this service covers, or removes the background from an image. A cornerstone of any marketing strategy, it is especially effective for businesses in the e-commerce sector.

Clients typically submit photos in bulk, and that is precisely where TekWhale Photo Editing Services specializes.read more..

Photo Retouching Service:

TekWhale’s Photo Retouching Service provides outstanding quality in the areas of smoothing skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, reducing redness and blemishes, removing stray hairs while adding shine, straightening and whitening teeth, enhancing body contour, weight reduction, adding definition, brightening eyes, plumping and shining lips, as well as adding make up.

The service also sharpens images, removes small objects, as well as reduces or enlarges the image while maintaining clarity. When photos and files are transferred back and forth, the images can become distorted or blurry. Especially if resizing or reshaping occurs. Retouching is an extremely popular Photo Editing Service, and for good reason.read more..

Jewelry Image Editing:

As Photo Retouching described above, Jewelry Image Editing enhances pictures of jewelry. TekWhale strives to take Jewelry Retouching to the next level. It is imperative that pictures of jewelry, whether in print or online, match, if not exceed the awesomeness of their real-life counterparts. Jewelry is a product that holds great value, both sentimentally, as well as monetarily.

That is why TekWhale spares no effort or expense in order to provide impeccable Photo Editing Service in the way of Jewelry Image Editing. It is their standard that when the woman in a man’s life finds the piece for her, the sparkle in her eye is as real as if she were holding it right then and there.

Image Masking Service:

Take Clipping Path Service, amplify it, and you will have the Image Masking Service. This Photo Editing Service seeks to brilliantly edit photos that are plainly too complicated for the standard Clipping Path Service.

Image Masking Service becomes necessary include hair or fur background removal as well as collage background removal. Again, these scenarios are far too intricate and complex for a simple Clipping Path Service. As such, they provide a “WOW factor” that is substantial to the Photo Editing Industry.

Ghost Mannequin Service:

Ghost Mannequin service is an important term in Photo editing services. Clothing is rarely advertised as if it were simply lying flat on a hard surface. This is a method of removing a mannequin from a picture of clothing.

while it is being worn by said mannequin. This gives the articles a more realistic view and is more likely to catch the consumer’s eye. They will tend to visualize themselves adorning the garment more accurately with the use of the Ghost Mannequin Removal Service than simply displaying a photo of flat clothing.

E-commerce Image Editing:

This buffet of Photo Editing Services, expertly provided by TekWhale, serves many purposes for an abundance of advertisement subjects. To reiterate, it is not simply the services provided by TekWhale that separate them from the competition, but the spirit behind the services. TekWhale’s team of Photo Editing Service providers performs each task to the highest standard, no matter the degree of difficulty or complexity. This level of commitment can be traced through the company’s emphasis on its team, to the team’s emphasis on the client. While TekWhale is not the only Photo Editing Service provider on the market, the client can rest assured that if they choose to do business with TekWhale, their case will be handled with the utmost respect, professionalism, and friendliness. This is TekWhale. Photo Editing is our specialty, Service is our purpose, and Clients are our passion.

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