Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web design Service: The web design is a process of creating design of website layouts including its user interface, informative architecture, color contrasts, graphic design and website structure. A Website is most times the first medium through which a user interacts with your service, business or organization. An attractive website design with easy user interface and navigation really reflects on the visitors grasp your website. Responsive web design is a web design service that enables the user to to have a customized viewing experience on variety of browser and devices. The RWD service offers a adifferent interface experience depending upon the device used by the visitor to get access to the website. The Main reason behind the popularity of Responsive web design is the increased need of of users who prefers to get access to website domains from their smart-phones tablets and other mobile devices.

It is an unfriendly user experience to read content navigated for desktop on mobile devices therefore web designers are using responsive web design service to offer better browsing experience to their website visitors because the amount of traffic from mobile devices is more than half of the total Internet traffic ratio. Responsive Web design is a mechanism that acts in an essential way so that the website design and development should respond to the visitor’s behavior and environment according to his preferences based up on the screen size of device, platform and orientation.

Importance of Responsive web design for your Website Traffic: Responsive design of your website is one of the most important elements that affects the traffic on website. If you are concerned about your SEO then first consider the responsiveness of design.

Googlebot: Googlebots and other search engines bots give priority to simple and easy page hierarchy that is only possible if your website is responsive. Websites using content repetition are not preferred by Google. If you create multiple versions of same site for different device experiences you are doing content repetition and surely Google will eventually demote your website. With the responsive web design service we do not develop multiple versions or create similar sites, but design websites that offers a pleasant viewing across all devices which protects you from content repetition.

Responsive website and Bounce Rate: Any website that does not perform effectively on mobile devices and offers content that is similar between mobile devices and desktop devices can suffer from a higher bounce rate. Websites with high bounce rates Google considers the website to be offering non-relevant content that leads to lower delivery of search traffic and possible drop in website rankings.

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