Responsive Web Design Tutorial

How to make your website Responsive:

It is clear now the website responsiveness can impact on the website’s ranking, user experience and ultimately your online presence. Some of the techniques implemented by the developers to create our Responsive websites designs are listed below.

HTML5 and CSS3:  HTML5 is the fifth and latest version of HyperText Markup Language that is a Core language used for the representation of content on the Web.  HTML5 element and APIs are supported by all the major browsers. CSS3 is the latest implementation that is used to make website design responsive. The enhancement in the popularity of  Internet – friendly devices like Smartphone’s, notepads and tablets made it necessary for web designers to create websites that responds across a variety of browsers and screen sizes so that websites offer flawless viewing experience across the multiple devices and browsers. HTML5 and CSS3 are one of the best mechanisms used for making website responsive. A Responsive websites has the ability to

detect the user’s platform e.g. (ipad, iphone or tablet) and load specific HTML or CSS for the corresponding website.

Media Queries: Media queries are the easiest way that automatically loads different CSS styles depending upon the size of the browser window. It is a combination of media type along with a specified condition that decides the appearance of web content depending upon the receiving device.

FrameworkS: In concept of web designing we can define a framework as a package combined with a structure of files and folders of standardized code that includes HTML, CSS, JS documents and such others.  These framework act effectively to incorporate the website’s infrastructure and make the website design responsive. The use of framework to make websites responsive is one of most preferable technique because they provide a common structure so that the single code is reused.  The most well-known domains using this  technology are:Foundation, Twitter, Bootstrap Skeleton and more.

Using Responsive theme:
If you are using a WorldPress platform for the development of your website one of the best strategy to implement a responsive web design is use of responsive theme because the World Press incorporates thousand of responsive themes. In case if you are using any other platform most of them will have their own responsive themes.

Responsive Plugins: Most of the leading Content Management Systems have responsive plugins that works effectively to make your site compatible with mobile devices. These plug – ins offer impressive ways to offer customized viewing experience to the visitor of your website.


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